Portobello Book are proudly part of the independent alliance. We knew that our good friends Faber and Faber had printed some very beautiful limited editions on a letter press in East London. Jack Murphy tells the story of it here.

We asked Jack if we could print some limited edition cards for The White Book, so he invited us to go with him to the London Centre for Book Arts. It’s a wonderful space, and we recommend their workshops, their book, and everything they do.

It’s quite a thing, to see ink rolled onto paper, to see the quality of the impression that letter-pressing achieves, to see the old machine do its thing, to see Kang’s words black on thick white paper, to be in that room watching people stitching books, thinking about Kang stitching the dress in The White Book, thinking about the processes of writing, translating and mark-making. It was a good day.